Good to see you here. How ever you spotted this page, be aware this is just a one man show - a hobby made public. I used to do some programming since now about thirty five years. Starting on assembler, basic, FORTRAN, TurboPascal, Delphi all the way it ended in java code. Needless to say the older things have been thrown away.

Now web technology comes into play. Well not now, rather twenty years ago, but only some ten years ago affordable for everybody. An I thought, why not try and publish some few things I built in my leisure time. The usual way is to go to some developer repository, like sourceForge or gitHub. I wanted to do some HTML design work an version management myself, just for trying. So this site stems from my wish to play around with these things.

All that is not very professional, indeed. That is, why the site is tools for yout hobby, I'd rather say, for my hobby. Maybe you find something you would also like to use. Then just try. I hope, you'll have fun.

Yours, Martin