a data base admin tool for uBase

Short description

uBAdmin is a small data base tool to design and manipulate a generic data base build by uBase.

It consists of a set of tables carrying entries within a grid of columns and rows. Tables may be related to each other. Relation is achieved by the means of referring from a table column to a target table, which is called a link in uBase.

Now a data base is more than just a set of tables and links, it is an intelligent transaction based data storage. Each activity has an undo and redo option, logs make sure all transactions are transparent and information, warning and error messages are documented.

Then the data base is there to manage data. Therefore data retrieval are supported by sorting and selection options. More over data may be correlated or used for computations. All this is part of uBase which provides indices for sorting and filtering, a versatile expression for data processing, template based forms for data entry and reports for data analysis and export.

More info is available in the user manual, available as PDF with the

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