simple backup job runner

Quick Start

Put the jar into the backup branch root and start there. Upon first start you will be prompted an open dialog to select the backup source. Backup can run fast, or in the background. Background mode is slow and uses only few resources of the host system.

Settings and options

the settings:

Settings are stored as simple name=value pairs in the configuration file. Its location is displayed in the log window configuration listing.

File flags:

File flags control what shall be copied.

Remote Backup

sicherDat can send the log and saved files in parallel via e-mail. For that set the parameter:

The mail password must be entered in plain text and must be shorter than 20 characters. At first invocation the password will be hidden within a random sequence and no more be plain text in the config file.

Default Arguments

sicherDat can be imvoked with arguments mode= or cfg=. mode=bg,bh,sp cfg=<config file path> Within the jar package the file cfg/args.default.txt may also hold such arguments if there is no way to provide them on the command line.

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