Tools for your hobby

Good to see you here. How ever you spotted this page, be aware this is just a one man show - a hobby made public. I used to do some programming since now about forty five years. Starting on assembler, basic, FORTRAN, TurboPascal, Delphi all the way it ended in java, PHP and javascript code. Needless to say the older things have been thrown away.

By and by web technology came into play. And about 2005 or so I thought, why not try and publish some few things I built in my free time. The usual way is to go to some developer repository, like sourceForge or gitHub. I wanted to do some HTML design work an version management myself, just for trying. So this site stems from my wish to play around with these things.

Meanwhile I've given up. This is just a stub, no more activity to be expected. Publishing nowadays happens in places like the Google Play Store, not in sites like this one. This here is just the remainder for a domain that I need to store data privacy statements and stuff for apps published elsewhere. Just one things left: some very handy little jar archives for utilities I built one day and use now since Java 1.4 times. You may download them as you wish.

Yours, Martin


A little tool to mass-resize jpg images. Fast and easy to use. I know there are many apps out there who can do more and better, but this one is really simple.


Another little tool to manage your file backups. Simple file copy, so no restore needed, just browse the mirrored tree. With options to mirror or increment. Like a robocopy for all operating systems with a GUI


A screen and sound capture utility which needs no administrative rights. Just ffmpeg the captured images into a clip - the ffmpeg command is provided after capture fro ^C copy and ^V paste. Shows the mouse pointer.

And that is all?

No. since 2015 I publish rather within the Google Play store, see for there. And I build club software, see e.g for a rowing logbook web data base extension. This here is just the stub left over.